We gave you the key to mindfulness

March 26, 2023

We gave you the key to mindfulness. We are stating it this way because our messenger decided to jump ahead and use a different message for our live talk with you today, which will be appropriate. Still, you all must master the message we gave you in 2012 first if you hope to achieve any goal you set for yourself, especially during the restructuring of your life and world. 

You will need to give yourself enough time to understand the message we gave you then, which is how we always stimulate your thinking which is the increase in consciousness you all seek now. 

When we speak with you later, it will be about using the message we gave you in our ascension guide to cause the expansion you want now and what your world needs.

March 26, 2012

Nothing surpasses the power of choice in your physical life experience. You may think other causes or reasons may cause you to experience your life in a particular way. However, you always choose how to experience your life. It matters not what occurs or happens to you; the choice of how you experience or think about it is still up to you.

When you decide to remember this fact, you regain the autonomy to direct your life, which is always there but sometimes obscured by you through your choice. Choice is what also allows you to choose to live in your moment of now. You can always maintain control of your thoughts there. You merely need to practice.


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