You were always enough

March 25, 2023

You were always enough. If there were one statement we wanted more of you to understand and accept the most, it would be that one. 

You were born into the world at the perfect time to evolve, expand, and offer your essence to your world so you would live an extraordinary life and thrive, but that will only occur when you accept that statement. 

It is only your lack of belief, but this is also purposeful, for if you did not hold that doubt, you would not be motivated now to become all you are meant to be. While we know the past years have been challenging for you and your world, we will continue to guide as we did in 2012 and will continue to do so in our live conversation tomorrow. Please do your best now to absorb the following message, as we always provide something to stimulate your consciousness, for that is all that needs to expand. 

March 25, 2012

You are always enough, and self-doubt is good. While that statement may feel that it holds conflict, in actuality, its subjective phrasing will help you understand your physical life journey on a deeper level.

Your intention when you decided to come onto the physical plane was expansion. Every moment you are on the planet causes this to happen because you continually have experiences. Every experience, whether you enjoy it or not, holds that very expansion.

When you have the feeling of self-doubt, that is, in actuality, a call for greater expansion. Your asking for that expansion means that it is always answered. It would help if you simply looked for it.


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