Please choose authenticity

March 24, 2023

Please choose authenticity. You are born into the world with gifts, talents, and abilities that were God-given and meant to be developed by you. They become apparent as you move through your life, but you also must contend with your judgments of yourself. No person is born better than another, and you use your cognitive processes while in physical form to accept your authentic self, but you also hold fear and doubt.

You exist at a time in your world where your authentic self is needed for that energetic contribution you make to yourself, and therefore your world will aid its ascension.

Usually, you doubt your worth and value, which is why we gave you our work, and even our messenger doubted we did so in this manner. Still, we did, and you are uncovering what you thought was lost now or believed you couldn’t achieve, and you will succeed when you utilize the message we provided in 2012. You have a divine plan. 

March 24, 2012

Any defense you offer is your resistance to your very own expansion. You may argue that there are many reasons and causes for you to provide a defense and that only becomes true when you believe in the mortality of the physical body. When you remember that you are an eternal spiritual being and that you and all others are one, you never need any defense.

Whatever it might be that you are defending is something within yourself that you are unwilling to acknowledge at that moment. This process does not mean that you will not have your own opinions or preferences, but those will never cause you to offer a defense.


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