Everything is about you

March 23, 2023: Message Two

Everything is about you. This message is our second for this day because we wanted you to pay attention to the one we provided in 2012. You can understand and accept it now, and it is a critical time in your life and your planet’s ascension for you to do so. 

We are also having live talks with you because you intend to live an extraordinary life, and we want to bolster your belief. 

March 23, 2012

Everything that occurs in your physical life experience is about you. This premise holds many different layers to its meaning, and you would do well to absorb them to gain even a modicum of success in mastery of your life.

It is about you, or you would not have your life experience. You can attempt to shift the focus or blame to another or a situation or circumstance, but the moment you do, you also give away your power and

ability to guide and direct your experience.

A helpful first step would be to recognize that all experiences are designed to help you expand in some manner. There are no “bad” things then, and you will be more willing to hold responsibility for your experiences, for they are indeed about you.


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