Self-belief is always your challenge

March 23, 2023

Self-belief is always your challenge. All souls are born into the world to evolve, expand, and contribute to all that is. It is impossible for you not to possess that capability, but it is also a physical process of accepting your gifts.

You may have judged yourself and your circumstances and begun to believe in your inferiority rather than the strength and worth you possess. It would have been challenging for many of you during the great transition in your world, so we provided guidance.

You have your guidance, but we reinforce it today as your planet takes another turn in its ascension. We provided the perfect message ten years ago, and it will become far more critical for you to accept it now, which is also why we are holding live talks. We want you to believe in your love rather than fear. 

March 23, 2013

You always have what could be called your internal guidance system at your disposal. This process can also be thought of as what is commonly called your moral compass. It is entirely up to you as to whether or not you listen to it. 

You can attempt not to hear it, but it is always there. You can think back to your very early years and remember that system was in place. When you went against it or attempted not to hear it, your actions then caused you to experience a sense of guilt or shame. Those feelings are designed to give you the tools to make different choices that will not cause those feelings. The result will be you expanding and becoming your desired person. 

Anytime you choose not to listen to that guidance, you are operating from some underlying fear or belief in lack in some manner, which you desired to move beyond. 


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