Your divine plan is unfolding now

March 22, 2023

Your divine plan is unfolding now. While that is always the case for you as you are in physical form, it is especially true now as your world’s divine plan unfolds, which we have called your restructuring. 

Every soul is born with purpose and intention. You do so at a time that serves your evolution and that of all that is. Whatever experiences and circumstances have arisen in your life were a part of your unique plan. As you attempt to understand them and find the benefit and grace they provided for you, you evolve more like your world.

We gave you a message ten years ago that we wanted you to attempt to absorb its meaning now as it will aid you as the global changes unfold, which are also for the benefit of all, no matter how they may appear to you. It is also why we planned our live conversations. We wanted you to prosper. 

March 22, 2013

Divine Order is a term you have heard, observed others praying for, and have often contemplated its meaning. You would do well to examine it further. Divine Order means that no random or arbitrary events or circumstances occur in your personal life experience or that of the Universe. 

They all have meaning and purpose, and for you personally, it means allowing the meaning and purpose of all events and circumstances to be revealed to you. It does not necessarily mean that you need continually look for the meaning, but to allow it to come, and most importantly, not block that information by initially labeling events and circumstances as meaningless or simply accidents. 

All that does occur for you personally, and your world is to cause your expansion and the evolvement of the world at large. Examine past events of your personal history, and you will always find evidence of this. 


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