You are creating a new world

March 21, 2023

You are creating a new world. It would have to be you; otherwise, you would not be reading our words or in physical existence at this time of restructuring your life and the world, for they are the same.

We have given you a guide to ease your way, and we have done it on specific days so it might capture your attention but, more importantly, your belief. While you have witnessed the global events occurring, which we have noted for more than three years, the place where you have yet to understand fully is your importance in how it all turns out.

No person holds more power, ability, or influence than another. All that matters is when you decide to accept yours. You do so in increments, and that is when you use your physical mind to think, which is why we have focused on your mindset. It becomes more powerful each day when you allow yourself to move beyond your ego’s fears. We will leave the message from ten years ago that you will understand now. 

March 21, 2013

If your desire during your physical life experience is to expand and become the person you desire to be continually, then any decision you make about what you decide to do or what choices you make would be what you believe with your now awareness would cause the most good. 

When you decide based on that goal, you do cause your expansion in some manner, which will also be contributed to or transferred to all others in your life experience. You can’t decide based on what you think would be the most good for another because you cannot know their path, but you can make those decisions and choices based on what will be or cause the most good in your life experience. 

When you need clarification about your decisions, it is because you are attempting to make those decisions based on what you think about the paths of others rather than your own. 


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