You have an abundance of time

March 19, 2023

You have an abundance of time. We are giving you this message today to refer to one we provided ten years ago, but you would do well to heed its information now.

You are each moving through your evolution as your planet ascends, and your habit of doing too many things and not the ones that would help your expansion will not serve you. 

It is also why we are beginning our question and answer series today, as more of you must honor and love who you are and do what you came to the world to offer and experience. 

March 19, 2013

Time is a measurable commodity you were given when you decided to have a physical life experience so that you might use it, or spend it, as you think of it, in the direction of accomplishing the goals you have set forth in this lifetime. There is always an abundance of time for you to use, so when you find yourself in situations where you feel you do not have enough time, it is because you have chosen to use it or waste it, as you might think of it, in directions opposed to your goals. 

When you make an effort to examine how you are spending or using your time, with an honest assessment, you will always find what you can change or you discover new choices you might make, so you have that experience of an abundance of time. 

Typically you will find that you have wasted time because you are resisting your own desires. Now you can change that situation and continue your path of expansion. 


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