You will never feel you are enough

March 17, 2023

You will never feel you are enough. That statement might shock you, but that is because you don’t understand your importance. You are an eternal spiritual being, and whenever you incarnate into physical form, it is for the express purpose of becoming more, and you are never complete with that process.

It never matters what you have accomplished on the physical plane regarding money or material possessions. Your consciousness and connection to God, Source, or the Universe is the only place you exist. We use whatever term works for you as you were meant to form your beliefs.

You chose this incarnation because you knew it would be your most important one, for if you are to move through your limitations and restrictions, you will live the life you want and help the ascension of your planet. 

All the guidance we have provided was for this time in your life and world, and even our messenger had difficulty believing we accomplished this and that we were so efficient as we gave you a message ten years ago on this date that will surprise you as to how accurate it is in your life now. We wanted you to have more resilience.

March 17, 2013

You will never feel that you are enough. While that statement may shock you a bit at first, you would do well to seek to own and embrace it. You would only have the desire to expand, as was your intention when you decided to come into physical form, if, on some level, you felt that you were not enough and could become more and evolve. 

You have difficulty with this because you also tend to use comparison. In other words, you observe others and compare yourself to them because you have maintained a false belief that they have somehow become enough or are wholly complete. If that were the case, they would also have little or no desire to be in physical form. 

When you can reach the point where you can honor your insecurities and turn them into opportunities to become more and expand, you are in the process of becoming enough. 


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