Here’s the next step in your ascension

March 16, 2023

Here’s the next step in your ascension. We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring on your planet. You exist at this time to aid in its transition by moving through your evolutionary blockages, judgments, and restrictions.

We have given you a guide through our messenger, but even he must accept the new level of consciousness you each are meant to embody. Everything we have provided was to ease your fear, worry and doubt about the conditions in your lives and world. 

We have used dates from ten years ago to impress upon you that you use linear time to track your progression. We do not, so we know where you are and what conditions you might experience. You will be moving through a more turbulent time soon, so we advised Roger to hold question-and-answer sessions for the next four weeks to provide clarity, guidance, and assurance.

In the meantime, you can view the message we provided on this date ten years ago and do your best to absorb its wisdom now, for it will make the next movements in your planetary ascension much easier for you all. You will remember why we always said you would be fine. 

March 16, 2013

As you seek to find your sameness with others, you come to know and accept yourself more. When you consider the idea that you are all one and merely act as reflections of one another, this concept will become clearer for you.

As you look for that sameness, you are less likely to judge yourself and, as a result, continually develop your own empathy and compassion. Every soul seeks to live out their desired journey and accomplish their goals, as you are. 

You will also begin to notice that the very things you will judge or criticize about another are the same things, sometimes merely in a different disguise, that you judge and criticize about yourself. You can now use your periods of finding differences with others as opportunities for healing and expansion. The grace you grant to another, you give to yourself, for you are all the same.  


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