We wanted you to understand your importance

March 18, 2023

We wanted you to understand your importance. We know it is you, or you would not read our words. Nothing in your life has been accidental, and neither is your existence on your planet at its time of ascension and your evolution.

You are awakening to parts of yourself previously unknown to you and your world, and you are about to move through another shift we wanted you to understand as it might seem disruptive to you, but it is for the highest good of all. 

We planned our question-and-answer series that begins tomorrow to coincide with your planetary equinox, which will reveal much more. But if you embody the message we provided ten years ago, you all will be fine.

March 18, 2013

You have spent a great deal of time during your physical life experience attempting to block, deny, or ignore your feeling of being different. In actuality, that very feeling is your inherent gift and the greatest contribution you can offer to your own expansion and to that of all that is. 

There is little value to be found in what you think of as conformity or attempting to fit in and be like all others. Expansion does not occur unless something different appears, either in your personal life experience or your world. 

You would do well to seek to embrace your differences and use them as a starting point, if you will, for your personal journey of evolving, and know that will also be your contribution. Contribution is anything you offer that is different and causes you, others, and your world to evolve.  


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