No one is better than you

March 15, 2023

No one is better than you. We wanted to capture your attention with that title, and now that we have it, we also want you to understand you are no better than anyone else. That is the existential understanding you are attempting to reach with the current restructuring of your world that happens through you. 

You exist now to aid in your evolution and that of your world, and all the information we have provided over the years was to help you in your ascension process so you might thrive and live a life of love and joy. You do that by releasing your old and outdated thinking and behaviors. All of them exist within your consciousness, and you each decide when you will hear us and decide to believe in your importance.

We gave you a message on this date ten years ago that revealed our mission. But we also had Roger find a recording of a live session we held almost a year ago that you might understand and act upon now. You will hear that even our messenger has been slow to move into total self-acceptance and love as you have been.

March 15, 2013

Your entire physical life journey and experience are about finding you. The process of finding you is expansion and evolving. A fully actualized being has made the journey of discovery, exploring, owning, and accepting their whole selves a joyful one. 

When you reach that place of finding you, there is no judgment, shame, regret, or fear. You strive for this as long as you are in physical form, and it is your motivation for doing anything at all. 

This journey can be confusing for you because, at times, you think it is about the things you acquire, what you might become, or what position you may hold, but those are merely tools you use to find you. The ultimate gift is that discovery. 


Here is the recording.

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