You have forgotten who you are

February 7, 2022

You have forgotten who you are. You are in the world now to experience restructuring your world to help you remember what you intended to accomplish in your life. It is valid for every individual, but you might have blocked or resisted that information. In our live conversation yesterday, we mentioned Roger’s dilemma with how much he should charge for his program, and this has been a long-standing issue for him and possibly many of you at this time. When he listened to the recording, he was surprised at what came through, but it was not new to him as it isn’t to you. You are here now to fulfill another part of your journey.  

We told him to find an old message, and we will place a portion here as all of you will experience some element of this through your restructuring. What Roger heard was what we told him years ago. Your memory of who you desired to be is also surfacing, and you must accept your new self, as we said yesterday, for your world has changed. We want him and you to charge more money. 

 “You can only chart and follow your life path. It is not your responsibility to attempt to chart or direct the path of another. You have long known that things that are important and matter for you to follow may not be the same for others, but you have also spent a lot of energy attempting to go against your own knowing to no avail.

Now bring to mind the idea behind the well-known serenity prayer, and you would do well to apply that meaning to your life path. You knew, for instance, for years that for you, the simple pursuit of money was not enough, and you sought something more meaningful for you, but then you simultaneously judged yourself for being on your path. Return to your path.”


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