You were also wanted

March 14, 2023

You were also wanted. We gave you a message about a year ago saying you were needed in the world now. Today we make that point again but also to align you with your purpose. 

You were born to be in the world during its restructuring, so you might aid in creating the life and world you want to experience. You only accomplish that goal by understanding and accepting your importance. Everything we have given you was to that end, and its purpose was to cause you to love who you are and your life journey. You will embody your authentic self when you release your judgments of yourself and others.

Your civilization is moving through a massive change, and it can only accomplish its goal if we get more of you to love yourselves. We began in 2012 and gave you that goal on this date.

March 14, 2012

Being you is your only goal. You knew when you decided to have a physical life experience that the process of becoming the actualized being, that is, you, would involve the most significant level of expansion and evolvement. Whenever you deviate from this path, you experience some difficulty in your experience to act as an alert of sorts to help you remember your intention.

You often attempt to become someone else through envy, jealousy, emulation, or any other behavior that dismisses the real you.

The journey is the most challenging thing you do, provides you with the most significant rewards, and is all you truly desire.


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