It’s time for your contribution

March 11, 2023

It’s time for your contribution. We know it is you, or you would not read our words. You were born into the world at the perfect time to offer the gifts within you that would cause your life to evolve and your world.

You might have believed your contribution could have been more meaningful, and that is where you were wrong. Some of you put those ideas away because you erroneously thought you were not the person to accomplish your task, and again you were incorrect. Others still believe that your life experiences could not have provided you with any valuable knowledge or wisdom, which means you lack the understanding that all those experiences provided. Now you can be grateful for them all.

We guided you ten years ago that you could not have understood entirely, but today you will, and you will question how we knew, and that is because we are attached to the higher awareness within you that would now have you accept our words.

March 11, 2013

Ideas are spiritual messages that come to you and, when acted upon by you, cause your expansion. This process does not mean that every idea you have will manifest in the manner you thought. Most times, they turn out differently because, at any given moment in time, you are operating from limited awareness, so it is not possible for you to fully envision what the Universe will deliver to you. 

However, the point is that your action or movement, in some way directed by your ideas, causes you to become the evolved being you are today. So that this concept will be more vivid, think back to an idea you had many years ago on which you acted. The result was utterly unexpected by you, but the impact was meaningful because of the experience itself. You gained more awareness and knowledge. This concept is all you are ever up to in your life experience, and that is the adventure you want.  


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