Create the life you want now

March 12, 2023

Create the life you want now. You can do so, for it is merely a decision to use the tools innate to you all. They are in your consciousness, and you were given something specific you were meant to accomplish, and you were meant to do it now.

When you fulfill your vision, you not only live the life you wanted but also aid your world in the same task. Everything we have provided has been to guide you through the limitations you’ve created in your life, and today is no different.

Reading the message we provided ten years ago reminds you of the goal you’ve had since birth but have yet to fulfill due to the distractions caused by your lack of belief. When you act upon the message, you will live the life you want and help others do the same.

March 12, 2013

There are a few reasons or causes, as you might think of them, as to why you would have the experience of feeling overwhelmed in your own life experience. 

The first reason is that you still need to set your own priorities. Another reason is that you think the obligations and responsibilities to others are more important than your own. Another is that you have an excuse for not doing what you think you want. The root cause of all of these reasons or causes is fear. It is the fear of stepping up and becoming willing to take control of the direction of your own life experience. 

You never feel overwhelmed or think there is not enough time to do something when you have overcome the fear of doing it. Contemplation would be warranted. 


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