You create your world

March 10, 2023

You create your world. We mean the one you experience as your life and the world in which you live. Both are equally important, and you manifest them in the same manner. You do so by your thoughts about yourself and your significance and ability to do either. Please reread that sentence for clarity. 

You chose this lifetime to be alive because it is a significant change in your civilization, so your evolutionary path brought you here, which also means that what you came to offer yourself and the world matters, and it is only a matter of you deciding to raise your awareness and consciousness about yourself which is the process of evolving or ascension. 

We have said you were moving through a restructuring, and all the material we have provided was to aid you through this transition. When you change your perceptions about your life and what you have done or not done to one of gratitude for all of it, then you emit the energy of light and love into your life and world, which was the reason for your birth.

You must first change your perception of yourself, removing the judgments you’ve held. You each are on an evolutionary journey unique to you and your world. Still, when you own and understand the importance of every aspect of you and your journey, you reach a higher state of awareness and consciousness, where you experience the bliss you wanted. It is possible if you decide to take the next step, which means moving through your fear of the unknown. 

Still, that unknown is within you, and you will discover that it is the place you always wanted to be, and you will know you’re there when you experience peace. Then you discover you have performed your duty in creating the life and world you want. 


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