Self-love is the only goal

February 6, 2022

Self-love is the only goal. We are giving you information now that will make more sense when we deliver our live conversation later today. But we would like you to contemplate something before that time. We said self-love is the only goal, but that is the goal for all, which you will begin to understand.
We have said you are moving through a restructuring in your world, but that is occurring within you. Now you are experiencing what we call the human dilemma. As you solve yours, the restructuring of all will be successful. 

Throughout human existence, you have struggled with this dilemma. You have done this because you believe in the power of one over another. But you thought that having that power would cause you to become successful and happy. But then you begin to believe that if others have that power, you would have less. 

So you move through periods of the formations of your civilizations where the collective use of individual power takes on a particular nature. As we have said, the period of civilization you are moving through now is a restructuring to shift that balance of power. You are continually solving the collective dilemma of who has more power, but you are in the world now to solve that dilemma within yourself.

We use Roger as an example, for that was his agreement as you each had yours. He couldn’t accept that we gave him something years ago that would be useful now. We did, and your guides have done the same, and you intended to actualize yourself now. 

You knew you would add to the evolvement of your world. But you also inherited the belief that some hold more power than others, and that dilemma is the one you are solving. No one has more power than you. That is the collective dilemma you are helping to heal now if you become willing to actualize who you are. You will be fine. 


Conversations with Wilhelm Feb 6, 2022

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