The change you desired is before you now

The change you desired is before you now. We will give you a message delivered in “Your Life Operating Instructions,” which we knew would aid you now, as well as before our live conversation tomorrow. 

You have desired to change some behavior, pattern, way of being, or anything else in your life experience that you have allowed to hold you back. You may not believe you have done that but study the following message as it will aid you in letting go of your self-imposed limitations. You will be fine. 

“Change is inevitable, and in actuality is all you seek. In other words, your intention was always to expand and evolve continually, and that is only possible when you become fully willing to embrace change.

Many times you do precisely the opposite, and your reaction to that change becomes one of resistance. You always know when you resist any change because it feels uncomfortable and difficult for you. It is as if you are setting up your own conflicts and begin to think that something outside of yourself is victimizing you when you are initiating it all.

Resistance can only be born out of fear, and your journey involves overcoming fear.”


Conversations with Wilhelm Feb 6, 2022

“How To Embrace The New World”

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