Your purpose is needed in the world now

February 28, 2023

Your purpose is needed in the world now. We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world, and you exist to aid that transition, and you do so when you decide to love yourself and thrive. 

You have reached a critical stage, so denying your worth will not serve you or your world. The energetic contribution you came to make is before you. You always have guidance, and we provided it through Roger and used specific dates like today. We will place two here to deepen your understanding. 

February 28, 2012

The unexpected occurrences of your physical life experience hold the most promise and opportunity for your expansion. Those same occurrences cause you to adapt in a new way, if you will, which is the entire purpose of the expansion you seek.

You often attempt to maintain a status quo that contradicts what you initially intended before entering the physical plane.

You will know when you are harboring those fears of the unknown or unexpected by your feeling of rigidness. You intended your life to be fluid, for there lies the expansion.

February 28, 2013

Every soul comes to the Earth plane with a purpose. No purpose is better or worse than another, more important or less important. They all collectively add to and contribute to the evolution of the whole, or mass consciousness. 

Your life, indeed, is a puzzle. As you move through your life, you are putting together the pieces, so to speak, to find the solution to this puzzle. The answer always comes to you in accepting and owning your purpose, which is the essence of expansion.

It is never anything you need to search for, but you must stop resisting it. When you let go of the resistance, it simply unfolds. Now you need to allow it to do so. 


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