You were given a valuable purpose

March 1, 2023

You were given a valuable purpose. We know that it is you, or you would not be reading our words, and you not be in physical form at this time of great transition in your world unless your purpose held meaning and value. 

It has only been your disbelief in what you were given to achieve or your limited thinking that said it was not possible. We gave you a message ten years ago as we knew where you would be now, and you will understand it if you decide to embrace it now, for it will make the most incredible difference in your life and your world. 

March 1, 2013

Whenever you set out to accomplish a goal you have set forth, especially when it involves a new venture for you, any expectations that you hold about that will be limiting. The word expectation itself carries with it the idea of something you will receive rather than give or contribute. Your intention on your physical life journey was always to contribute; for you knew that would cause your expansion. 

When you are focused on what you will get, you are also affirming some particular lack you believe you have, which will limit whatever you might receive. It is wise to have desires and wants as you think of them, but you would do well to always ask for “this or something better.” That idea is limitless.  


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