Self-love was more important than you knew

February 27, 2023

Self-love was more important than you knew. Many of you have had difficulty understanding that term, but we use it to mean a lack of self-judgment. That process you continue throughout your life is a continual expansion of your consciousness or awareness which is the enlightenment you all seek.

It is even more vital that you accept this concept now, for it will change both your life and your world as you accomplish both energetically. 

You move through phases in your life and that of your world that is more critical to forming your world, and the current restructuring calls for more of you to accept with love a message we provided at another pivotal time in 2009. Hopefully, you will accept it more today. 

September 12, 2009

The only voice you ever desire to hear is the one voice that only speaks of limitless possibilities and potential. Any other voice that you hear can only be based in fear.

It was your intention in this lifetime to only progress, evolve and expand, and this is not possible when you listen to anything other than the one voice.

The other voices continually cloud your perception and take many different forms. They sound like caution, being careful, thoughts of others’ opinions, and possible failure or loss. All are based on the past and therefore have their origin in fear.

You may only hear the one voice when you deliberately take the time to listen to it, for it always exists. Now you also understand more deeply the benefits of meditation, allowing yourself to listen.


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