You are releasing your old self

You are releasing your old self. We thought it might be helpful to speak on this subject before our live conversation with you Sunday. Your world has changed, which is what you will come to accept. But for that to occur, the change must happen within you.

We have said this period in your world is restructuring, and none of you have experienced a shift such as this, so it is natural that it would be uncomfortable depending on how you have viewed the unknown in your life. You each have memories passed on to you by all those who came before. Of course, those closest to you in your immediate families or ancestors and some you have never known are coming up for review and release.

Some of you will come to understand your worth where those who came before could not. Some of you will relinquish your hold on power, for you thought those things made you more essential. Others will consciously decide to release their shame, embarrassment, guilt, and self-judgment. Those are the words we said to Roger this morning as he continually recognizes what he possesses and could not see. You never see your total value while in physical form, for there is always more, for you are an eternal being.

We know this time is confusing, but it is what you wanted so you could restructure and own your value at this precise time in your life and your world. We will help, and you will be fine.


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