You were born to offer value

February 23, 2023

You were born to offer value. You would not be in the world if that were not true, and you would not be here during a time of restructuring unless your contribution would make a difference in your world.

We will repeat a message we gave two years ago; it might resonate more today. When you acknowledge and own your value and love who you are, you will aid in the transformation of your life and your world. They are the same. 

February 23, 2021

You can also choose to be successful and abundant. It was challenging for Roger to write those words for two reasons. The first one is he knows they are accurate, and it causes him to examine his life and where he has failed to do so. Yes, it is always a choice you each have. The second reason is he is also aware of the conditions of your world during this restructuring. And Roger often allows his concern for others’ feelings to prevent him from achieving the goal mentioned in the title of this message.

Many of you struggle with the same “issue” Roger has: not trusting your intuition. You are each born with the ability to feel your direction in life or what causes you to feel joy, but you ignore those signals to remain where you are, for it feels safe. 

None of you were born with that intention. You wanted to move beyond some limitations you have held in this life or even those you have no memory of. It never matters how much you remember because you know where you have held yourself back. 

As you evolve, you become aware of where you did not do that before, and then you may blame others or beat yourself up. Both behaviors are nonproductive and prevent you from becoming successful and abundant. Each of you is alive now to examine this in your life, and when you accept the honest answer you will receive and then act upon it, you will achieve the intent of this message, and you will be fine. 


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