You are only as limited as your thinking

February 24, 2023

You are only as limited as your thinking. You each come to the world with something of great value to offer, and you do so at a time that would serve your evolutionary journey and that of your world.

You chose to be alive during a time of restructuring your world, so it is the most critical incarnation you have ever had, for you wanted to contribute to manifesting your new world. Your only challenge has been believing in and acting upon your unique gift. 

We can say this boldly as Roger has done the same, but it is now a time in your world where more of you must embrace who you came to be and offer your light and love to your world, for as we have always said, the world you want to see is not guaranteed. 

We will give you the message we provided two years ago, but you might hear us today.

February 24, 2021

You cannot explain creation, yet you will continue to attempt to do so. Many of you will find great comfort in this message. As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring, and we have said you’ve done it before. That concept is the one that most find difficult to accept, including Roger, even though he receives our communication. And it is precisely due to that configuration in his life that he finds value, and now so will you. 

We will tie these strings together from several parts of Roger’s life that will help you. Yesterday, he consulted with a prospective client who had searched for Roger and knew they did not accidentally stumble upon him. During the session, Roger continued asking questions to advise this individual on their life path better. At one point, he knew there was a specific direction this person wanted to take in their life but had been uncertain and feared doing so. Roger felt this energy and told the individual their inclination was correct, that they were moving in the right direction, and that the person who had inspired them was a good fit for them. 

Roger can’t explain how he knew those things other than it was what he was meant to do in his life, which he knew from his experiences. When he created his program, he was quite aware that the information was effective, produced the results for the participants he desired, and it all came through us, which Roger could never explain. You cannot explain your creation of you as well.

We mean you each were born to offer something new and different to the world. But depending on the extent to which you have allowed fear of the unknown to control your life, you have difficulty accepting the creation of you unless you have someone like Roger holding your hand along the way.

No great invention, including yours, could be explained before it is created entirely. Please study this and know you will be fine.


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