You have always known who you wanted to be

You have always known who you wanted to be. Imagine that before you were born, you had a goal you desired to achieve in this lifetime. Imagine that you picked the time and location to be born with all its accompanying circumstances so that you could arrive at the current time in your life so you might restructure yourself.

Yes, we know we have referred to your world, but you are your world, and you are the only one who can choose to fulfill that original goal. You might have thought that your time had passed or it would be too challenging for you to succeed due to the conditions in your world. It is the best time for you to achieve, for now, is the time your world needs you. We are making the distinction, so you recognize your essence was wanted in the world, but you needed a big push which is why you are here now.

We do not know your goal specifically, but we know it is before you now, and it could be simply believing yourself and finally developing confidence. We had Roger find an appropriate message we gave some time ago, but it will be relevant now, especially when you move into your new world. You will be fine.

“Supporting evidence is a hindrance to your creative process. In other words, when you become dependent on any supporting evidence to validate what you are attempting to create, you will fail to find it because a true creation that is purposeful does not exist. It has not been done before and is only kept alive and vibrant through belief.

You have difficulty holding belief because you have developed this dependency on supporting evidence. Usually, you seek this evidence from others, and they can’t give it to you because the thing you are creating does not exist again. The success of what you do depends on only your unwavering faith.”


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