Your surrender will be more effective now

February 2, 2022 Your surrender will be more effective now. We are speaking to you directly because you decided to be alive during the restructuring of your world to restructure yourself as it was necessary for your evolutionary journey. 

We are giving you information as we come to our live conversation this coming Sunday. We said it would be about accepting the new world but first, you must accept the new you. When Roger awakened, he felt the heaviness of your world as he often does, and we told him to find the message we gave you all in 2012 on surrender for that would be the most effective for you now. 
The surrender we meant for each of you was to the part of yourself you have denied, doubted, feared, judged, or falsely believed held no meaning for you or your world. We created a program that Roger questioned, and he needed to surrender to what he has held back from the world as you have. You will be fine. 

One more thing. Roger listened to our recording of last week’s session, which we would like more of you to hear. He cringed when he heard himself say the word differentiation instead of individuation which he thought we meant. He was not wrong, and today we told him to look up the word differentiation, and then he saw that word described our program on the shoulders of Carl Jung. You underestimate yourself. Here is our YouTube channel with the recording.

We gave you the following message for this time in your life and your world. 

September 7, 2012
Surrender does not necessarily mean defeat but can indicate strength and courage. Surrender, as it is being used here, refers more to events and situations in your physical life experience rather than people. While others may be involved, it is more valuable for you to look at the situation or event itself merely.
When you become willing to surrender to it, it also means that you are demonstrating a knowing that says all things that show up for you have meaning and purpose and, in some manner, only do so for your highest good. When you surrender, you also release any resistance and find more peace. When you surrender, you are accepting yourself and your entire life experience.


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“How To Embrace The New World”

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