Love and believe in yourself more

February 7, 2023

Love and believe in yourself more. You came to the world during a time of significant change or restructuring, as we termed it, which you will hear others using as well. You have something you are meant to offer to yourself and the world, and as you continue to do so, you will energetically help shift the trajectory of your world, but it does require you to love yourself and believe in the gift you have

We gave you a message on this day ten years ago as we knew what many of you might be feeling due to the global changes that we also said would be ones none of you have experienced. That was purposeful to cause more of you to move in the direction of love and self-acceptance. 

As you read the message, please examine your life now and your world, and know you always have guidance when you choose to hear us. We also gave you the information in our live conversation last Sunday that you might better understand today. You came to thrive, but you must also let go of the old. 

February 7, 2013

Your experience of stress or any stressful situation is something you have created and allowed to show up in your life so that you remember to take care of yourself and live in your moment of now. 

You may attempt to find all manner of reasons or excuses why you are experiencing stress, but it is always about how you perceive what is occurring in your life, not what is happening. 

Any feeling of stress means that you are holding an attachment to something physical and, at that moment, halting your expansion. It is impossible for you to be in the process of expanding and feeling any manner of stress simultaneously. It merely requires you to change your mind to change the condition. 


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