Choose the life and world you want today

February 8, 2023 

Choose the life and world you want today. Those goals are not separate, and you are in a continual state of accomplishing both. You were given a mission to fulfill when you were born, and you chose to do so during the restructuring of your world, so your incarnation took on greater meaning this time. 

While that might not make sense to some of you, others will hear us loud and clear, which means it is time for you to act and uplift others with yourself. We said the United States would lead the way in this transformation because civilization has focused its attention on its actions during this planetary trajectory. They have been moving through their reckoning as an example for you all. 

This transitional change is generational, so many of you have burdens you’ve carried from your ancestors that were meant to be dropped now if you are to move to higher states of being and awareness which is the purpose of this restructuring and the work we have given you. 

Your role is so essential now because the shift of your world is energetic and depends on the energy each of you decides to emit. When you let go of your self-judgment and judgment of others, you are fulfilling your role. If you continue to hold yourself back with doubt, fear, and judgment of what you have done or not done, you are emitting a negative energy that aids no one, least of all you. 

February 8, 2013

Creating a plan or setting goals in your physical life experience of what you desire to be or achieve is a fun experience. When you find it becoming laborious, or you avoid doing it altogether, it is because you are usually attempting to follow the plans or goals of another. 

The more you seek to understand this concept, the more you will become willing to create your plan. Any plans or goals you set will never unfold exactly how you envision them, for if they did, you would not be expanding as you intended. Expansion involves more than your current awareness can comprehend, which is also the fun part of your life experience.  


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