Your responsibility has become more significant

February 6, 2023

Your responsibility has become more significant. It is always to live your best life but to do so; you have some hurdles to move through. 

You had added momentum due to the restructuring of your world. Everything you experience in your life and world is for your expansion, as are all the messages we provided, including the one today. 

February 6, 2013

Accepting responsibility for what occurs in your physical life experience also allows you to regain control and power to direct your life. You often attempt to shift that responsibility to another or some outside source; whenever you do this, you become the victim of your own life. 

You sometimes think that accepting responsibility places blame or fault on you instead of recognizing that what is most important is how you respond and also knowing that everything that does occur for you is for your highest good. 

When you take this particular stance, you will also take actions that put you back in control of your experience and the reality in which you live.  


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