The belief in inferiority has been the only challenge

February 1, 2022

The belief in inferiority has been the only challenge. We are speaking of the existence of humankind and why you asked for this current restructuring. We advised Roger that our talk this Sunday will be on how you can best accept your new world, for you are living in one now that will be made more visible to more soon.

Since the beginning of human existence, you have held a need to feel sustained and vital. When you did not feel you possessed the abilities or talent to perform a particular task, you would pass it on to someone else to see if they could master whatever it was. If you failed and another succeeded, you began to believe that maybe you were inferior. To get rid of that feeling within yourself, you would subjugate or malign another to feel powerful and cover up your sense of weakness and insecurity. You then passed all those thoughts and feelings on to your children, and the result of all those actions and thoughts have accumulated to become your world today, which is why you are here to usher in the new one since you agreed to do that. When you study that paragraph again, you will find elements of your life experience. 

Now, suppose the only challenge throughout the existence of humankind is the belief in the existence of inferiority. In that case, you are here to change things by refusing to believe in your inferiority. We will give you more, and you all will be fine. 


Conversations with Wilhelm Feb 6, 2022

“How To Embrace The New World”

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