Today is a powerful day for your ascension

February 5, 2023

Today is a powerful day for your ascension. You will understand why we planned a live conversation for this day and why we informed you ten years ago.

You grow in consciousness and awareness incrementally. As you do so, you also gain more value and worth to guide and direct your life and contribute to your world.

None of you are born without those gifts to develop and offer, but you also usually need linear time and physical life experiences to cause your awareness to expand. You only have to accept your new position, for it does exist. 

February 5, 2013

When you struggle to understand some event, circumstance, or situation in your physical life experience, you may be blocking that information from coming to you. 

While attempting to understand it, you are also choosing not to be in your moment of now, where all knowledge, wisdom, and information are available to you. 

You can think of the adage of not thinking of something you are trying to remember, and when you give up trying to remember, the information comes to you. This concept should also make you much more aware that, at times, simply letting go is your best course of action. This act signals you trust your life’s integrity, which will be the reality for you.  


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“The Leo Full Moon celebration. It’s time to give up struggling,” a Wilhelm Conversation.

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