You possess more strength than you have known

February 4, 2023

You possess more strength than you have known. You discover that as you live your life. That scenario is what you all experience as you live any incarnation. But you also chose a dynamic time to live on the earth, which should alert you to the importance of your existence now. 

You could not be alive at this time unless you could move your life forward in powerful ways and aid your world simultaneously. 

February 4, 2013

Any event or situation that occurs for you and causes you to experience what you might think of as emotional turmoil also offers you the most incredible opportunity for the expansion you seek. An emotional crisis means you are attached to something physical and denying your eternal spiritual self at that moment. 

You will find many of these incidents as you think about this concept. Most of them also revolve around something that you did, said, or some action you took that caused self-judgment. As you expand, you understand that these incidents will help you when you embrace them and ask for the information they were designed to bring forth. Ultimate expansion is non-attachment to anything physical. 


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