You have allowed your limitations to remain

February 3, 2023

You have allowed your limitations to remain. That statement is not meant to be a judgment but to bring you more awareness. 

As you live in physical form, you are presented with new opportunities to aid your evolution or expansion. Because you are also currently moving through tremendous generational limitations, you might not have noticed why you couldn’t move beyond them. You might now recognize that some of your difficulties are not all your making. 

But they will be of your making if you find it challenging to accept what we gave you a decade ago. 

February 3, 2013

Limits do not exist in your physical life experience; therefore, any that you perceive or experience have been set and created by you. You continually do this by how you choose to think about yourself and your capabilities, by what you are willing to accept, and by what you are willing to do.

It is easy to see this process when you imagine that you desire to manifest or create something, know what is required, and yet choose not to do it. You want loving relationships and yet will accept something less than that. 

This concept all comes down to what you are choosing in every moment. The most important place to begin to notice your choices is how you think about yourself.  


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