You can decide who you want to become today

February 2, 2023

You can decide who you want to become today. You are always in a state of evolving as long as you are in physical form. You move to new levels or higher states of consciousness when you notice what you’ve accomplished.

Your decisions will become easier. We are continuing to use our ten-year timeline, so begin to accept you were provided a divine plan like all other souls. You just might not have appreciated your importance, but now you will. 

February 2, 2013

You have experienced difficulty in making decisions because you have attempted to make those decisions based on how you think your decisions may impact others. You can’t know how your choices will affect others, for they have their own agendas and life paths that they are following, and their reactions to your decisions will be based on that. 

When you first seek to make decisions based on what you think now will be for your highest good, then all others will benefit, especially you. You can examine your history to find plenty of evidence where you made decisions based on others and ended up curtailing your own expansion. Contemplate this for more clarity.  


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