You hold systematic hatred and eternal love

January 28, 2023

You hold systematic hatred and eternal love. That is the duality that exists within you and your world. But you live now to shift that balance to everlasting love. That will be what remains as you move through your physical life experience. 

We have said you were moving through a restructuring of your world, which is occurring through you. The recent events in the United States are the ones we alerted you to, but you only sometimes hear us, just as you do not always listen to your guides.

 When you attempt to shift blame for the conditions in your life and world to something outside yourself, you have momentarily lost your way and caused yourself to feel disempowered erroneously.

You help move through duality when you let go of your self-hatred or judgment, develop more belief in yourself and love who you are. When you experience disruptions in your physical world, you often look for others to blame. 

You found that challenging to do with the recent events, for they were not caused by racial hatred but internalized hatred which many of you inherited. You came to move through those generational biases and prejudices. Unless you do your part of loving yourself and what you came to offer, you continue that form of duality. 

Here is a portion of our message from three years ago, but you might accept it now.

June 22, 2020

What you are witnessing personally in the world and in your life is a collective expression of repressed, residual anger at the belief in separateness and inadequacy. You have done this in your life. Naturally, your world would follow suit. We will also say it is not all your fault. You carry a generational belief of which you are unaware.

We led Roger to a photo this morning of the removal of a statue of one of the former presidents of the United States as it depicted the president on a horse with subservient images beside and below him of a Native American and African American. You were taught inadequacy, and that is why you are angry. 


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