This message will be familiar to you

January 27, 2023

This message will be familiar to you. You each come into the world with a mission you are to fulfill. You do so as you move through your physical life experiences. You also do so at a time that is beneficial to your world as it is to your evolutionary journey. 

You are at that time now, and everything we have given you was to encourage you to step into your mission with more vigor, vitality, and purpose. The primary goal is to love yourself and your journey. Those goals are not separate but also necessary for your ascension and your world. You each hold that much power, and our message in 2013 will awaken your memory. 

January 27, 2013

You always know what to do in your physical life experience to achieve your desires or accomplish your goals; however, you sometimes choose not to do those things.

To remedy this situation, you would do well not to judge yourself for having this condition, for it is a “normal” part of the human experience and the only way you can achieve expansion. 

You operate in a state of denial when you attempt to think that you do not know what to do, and that way of thinking will always cause you to halt that expansion, for you feel powerless. All power, abilities, and opportunities are available to you when you decide to see them.  


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