You will remember your purpose

January 29, 2023

You will remember your purpose. Every soul is born with a valuable purpose they want to fulfill on their physical life journey, for they know it will aid their evolution and the world due to the time they choose to incarnate on the planet.

You would have no conscious memory of your choice; otherwise, the events and circumstances you were to experience would not serve the purpose for which they were intended, and that was for your growth and that of your planet.

We know you are the one who came this time to uplift your world, or you would not be reading our words. You are never in an accidental place. You decide when you will listen. We give you messages to awaken that memory because we know you have heard it before, but now would be a more beneficial time for you to remember. 

You will appreciate what we said to you ten years ago. We do not operate on linear time like many of you, but many more will also move beyond that limitation as you continue to follow us.

January 29, 2013

 Communication is your connection to your higher self. This communication can never be lost or stopped, but you can attempt to avoid hearing it or paying attention to it, but nevertheless, it is still there. 

You may choose to censor your very own personal communication with the outside world. Still, you cannot censor your internal communication, which is the only communication that truly matters to you as you strive to expand in physical form. 

You censor yourself because you have maintained a habit of projecting what you believe others might think of your communication or how they may judge you. When you strive to become and demonstrate your authentic self, all communication is united, and that is expansion. 


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