You were supposed to be unique

January 26, 2023

You were supposed to be unique. There could be no better statement that could describe the nature of the information we have provided over the years, and our intention was for more of you to accept that premise today.

Our message today was prompted by Roger listening to a video that offered how you should be or what is the best way to ascend or expand as each of you and your planet is doing now. If the rules given to you offer any form of judgment, you will lose your way.

You exist at a particular time in your world and your evolutionary journey where you are meant to transcend whatever limitations have been in your way. They will not be the same as others but typically carry some form of shame and embarrassment you inherited from others. You were supposed to move beyond it by becoming your unique self and honoring your individuality in all its greatness. 

The following message will help you understand what we have just given you. 

January 26, 2013

Beliefs are ideas you have accepted as being true and produce certain results in your physical life experience. Your beliefs are unique to you, and no other soul possesses precisely the same beliefs as you. 

No soul, while in physical form, knows if their beliefs are valid in terms of Ultimate Reality; therefore, the only measure of your particular beliefs is the results they produce for you and if they please you. You have also been granted free will of choice, meaning that whenever you are not pleased with your beliefs because of the results they produce in your life, you can change them at any time. Now, these new beliefs become true for you as well.  


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