Self-love will change your life and world

January 25, 2023 

Self-love will change your life and world. We mean that statement figuratively and literally. There would be no other goal more critical in your life than to love yourself, but you often struggle with accomplishing that goal due to your self-judgment. 

But you have yet to understand that accomplishing the goal of loving who you are in every aspect would change your world, but that is why we provided our work. You each have difficulty accepting the innate power with which you were born to manifest that extraordinary life you could have and the world you would create. We knew your potential and provided a message on this date in 2013 following our ten-year guidance cycle. 

We went a step further, and that was to have Roger plan a presentation for today where he will reveal his self-love so more of you understand the nature of our work and what it can accomplish for you. You can also listen to Sunday’s live conversation; these puzzle pieces may help you put together those pieces in your life. Collectively you will change your lives and the world. Both the invitation and recording are on his Linktree.

January 25, 2013

You fear your success more than failure. To better understand this condition, you might think of the rule you learned, ” do not touch that, for you might get burned.”

When you come into physical form, you are given many rules and regulations by those in authority that are designed to keep you safe. Unfortunately, you often take that rule and apply it to many areas of your life. You begin to equate anything unknown to you as that area of experience where you might get burned.

Your “job” now is to understand that your success is in that very unknown, and you would do well to embrace it. 


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