Your only problem will be disbelief

January 24, 2023

Your only problem will be disbelief. It is the same challenge that has followed you your entire life and will continue to do so as long as you cling to who you used to be.

We have said you are in a time of restructuring your life and world, for they are the same, and it was the purpose of your existence now. Your world is awaiting your emergence, as is your higher self. You came to be the love your world wanted, which can only occur when you love yourself.

We have given you all the tools you could need, and we have done it sequentially for you operate in linear time, and we can see beyond that, which is why the message we provided ten years ago you will understand now.

January 24, 2013

All you are ever up to on your physical life journey is discovering who you are. This process was your goal when you decided to have a physical life experience. You knew that being in physical form, possessing human emotions and characteristics, and holding human thought would help you accomplish that goal.

When you believe your goal is your success, wealth, possessions, or anything else of a physical nature, you temporarily block your true purpose. This concept is not one you will quickly understand or even accept entirely as long as you are in physical form, but you always come to know it eventually. 

You come to know that self-actualization and expansion are the same. 


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