You were meant to accomplish more

January 16, 2023

You were meant to accomplish more. You were born into physical incarnation at a time of your planet’s ascension so you could provide a heightened sense of consciousness and awareness to enable the expansion of all that is. 

What you came to offer is unique to you and your evolutionary goal. You decided to emerge during a shift in your civilization so you might usher in a world that would be more sustainable for all and inclusive of what you came to offer. 

You could not have known what that was before now, which is why we guided this date in 2012 to aid your memory, but we went further than that today.

First, we planned a live conversation for this Sunday where we will reveal more because you typically only accept a certain amount of information at a time as you allow what you have gained to assimilate. 

It took Roger some time to accept his particular contribution was meant to compile our work to aid you all. It still required his acceptance, and this morning we led him to a new video hoping that more of you will suspend your disbelief in what you think you can accomplish in your life and the world. 

Our message on this date was not accidental, nor is your life or your importance now. Enjoy. 

January 16, 2012

You only experience the feeling of being lost when you have yet to set your sights on where you desire to go. There may be many different reasons you have yet to set your particular goals and desires, and you would do well to allow them to be made known to you.

They are never hidden but may be obscured from your vision and awareness because of your beliefs.

Those beliefs themselves will contain some element of the word impossible. You either think that achieving your goals is impossible, you do not possess the ability, or some outside source is standing in your way. That is all merely your limited thinking.


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