Now you will be wildly successful

January 17, 2023

Now you will be wildly successful. That is, if you utilize the guidance we provided on this day in 2012 and take advantage of the prevailing energies in your world now. 

You came into the world to evolve and expand so that you aid your planet in its ascension. You have found it difficult to believe that you have that much importance, but you do. 

There is an energetic opening, if you will, that is beginning now, and it is why we planned our conversation with you for this Sunday. You will be able to release more of your fear and doubt, accomplish what you intended, and live the life you wanted for yourself and the world. 

No insignificant people are ever born, especially you, and we wanted you to believe in yourself. Collectively you will manifest the new earth. 

January 17, 2012

You guide, direct, experience, and create your physical life experience through the use of your focused attention. You and only you have the ability to decide how you will use that focused attention. If you were to study this concept more closely, it would be challenging to take it for granted.

Your focused attention can also be thought of as pure energy you decide to put in a specific direction. When you focus on lack, you create more lack because of the energy you have placed there. When you focus on and appreciate your current level of abundance, you create more of the same because you have decided to place your energy or focused attention there.


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