Change through love is eternal

January 15, 2023

Change through love is eternal. You exist in the world during a time of significant change, as we have called your restructuring. It is occurring within you and your world. The results you produce in both arenas depend on the tactics you employ.

If you resist change within yourself, you do so out of fear. Your world will respond in like kind. When you embrace the change within yourself with love, you produce those results in yourself, and your world will follow suit again.

You always have guidance from those who came before, including us, but we also used this date so you might remember the tactic employed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for it is his birthday. 

January 15, 2012

Change is inevitable, and in actuality is all you seek. In other words, your intention was always to expand and evolve continually; that is only possible when you become fully willing to embrace change.

You often do precisely the opposite, and your reaction to that change becomes one of resistance. You always know when you resist any change because it feels uncomfortable and difficult.

It is as if you are setting up your own conflicts and begin to think that something outside of yourself is victimizing you when you are initiating it all.

Resistance can only be born out of fear, and your journey involves overcoming fear.


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