A philosophy for the new earth

January 10, 2023

A philosophy for the new earth. That is what we have given you, and it took years for Roger to make that acknowledgment as it has taken just as long for you to acknowledge your importance in the world at this time of transition.

You each are in the world now to aid in restructuring your world, which occurs in your consciousness. No physical or material objects or possessions will assist you in reaching that state of higher consciousness; in fact, many of those things have blocked your progression.

We have attempted to give you information that would temper your fear and doubt so you might reach that place of higher consciousness which is the same as loving yourself. There is no difference.

The message we gave you on this date in 2012 was for you to remember your first responsibility, which is to yourself. You are meant to expand and evolve to experience the joy of life, but it was also necessary for you to move through your limited thinking and awareness.

You only achieve your ultimate goal when you take the time to work with your consciousness which requires consistency, as you might have gathered from Tesla.

The first message we gave you in 2012 was about infinite intelligence. You all possess it, and it contains all the information offered to your world by all those who came before. But now you are meant to use it to self-actualize. Then you ascend to the next level of your expansion and aid your planet in that process.

No one holds more ability than you, but you are the one who must accept that fact. We gave you the information so that you could accept and gradually integrate higher levels of consciousness into your life, for that is the only place you experience your physical life.

The manner you aid in your transformation is to willingly decide to examine and release your darkness and judgments, which have been generational. Then you can live your desired life and manifest the world you all want. 

We will move things to a new level tomorrow, but we hope you catch up with us now. You will be fine.


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