Disbelief will be your only challenge

January 11, 2023

Disbelief will be your only challenge. It has been a major difficulty throughout your life, but we will help you understand more today. We have always said we intended to aid you in moving through your restructuring. 

We first had to get Roger to move beyond his disbelief, and for the first time yesterday, he could acknowledge we have given you a philosophy for the new world, which is why you are alive now.

We have used 2012 and waited for this day so more of you would be willing to accept what we have provided. We did in the message. But we also awakened Roger at 3 AM to capture his attention.

Then we had him listen to a video that brought him to tears, for he recognized what we had done and how vital it would be for more and your world as your planet ascends. 

We said we included all the great minds that came before, which is why we wanted more of you to accept that you have access to infinite intelligence. Roger only fully understood his connection to Germany after the passing of his German friend two weeks ago. 

But we also planned something else: to have him meet another German person fifty years younger with the same awareness that will take our work forward along with Roger’s associate, and our mission will be complete.

They will record an interview tonight, which makes it easier for Roger to move beyond his introverted behavior like Jung. Nothing in your life or world happens accidentally; only your disbelief prevents your acceptance. Do your best with this message. 

January 11, 2012

Your story is unique and valuable. It is unique because no other soul shares precisely your story. It holds the utmost value for you. Your story comprises everything your past holds, including everything that has occurred for you, happened to you, everything you have done, every person you have met, and every word you have spoken. All of it has been and always will be perfect.

Your only “job” then is to seek to know the perfection of your story. Any aspect of your particular story that you attempt to ignore, dismiss, or judge, will cause you to experience some difficulty because you are refusing to receive the information and wisdom that your story holds.


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