You were born to change the world

January 9, 2022

You were born to change the world. There would be no other reason for your existence on your planet if that were not true. You will not do this alone, for you knew this would be a cooperative movement in your world now. The way that you help change the world is by becoming yourself.

You may not have thought that action would not be as critical to your world as it could be, but we will tell you it is. Your world is moving through a restructuring. And as we have also said, we guided you in 2012 and have used synchronicity so you could believe in yourself more. We also wanted you to move beyond your fear and doubt, for generational limitations will not serve the world and dimension you sought to manifest. 

Roger said that he was not happy with his presentation the other day. The reason for that is it dawned on him he was given something that could help change the world, but he attempted to use outside sources to prove his point. 

You have done that, but now it is time for you to believe in your contribution. Everything you need to change your life and world is within you, and we merely gave you a tool to discover that yourself. 

January 9, 2012

The only limitation you ever experience is in your thinking. While this concept is familiar to you, it is one you would do well to remember. Anything you desire to be, do, have, or create is only possible if you believe it is.

You may argue that there are certain physical limitations that you may have that would prevent that, but you have seen numerous accounts of other souls who did not believe that to be true and performed what you

considered to be impossible.

The only reason you do not accomplish what you set out to do is that you are unwilling to do whatever that might involve or that particular path is not for your highest good in this lifetime.


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