Please change yourself today

January 8, 2022

Please change yourself today. What we are referring to is you loving yourself. You exist in the world now to offer that love of who you are to aid in restructuring your life and world. 

You would not be alive now unless that were true, but it requires your willingness to release your old self and embrace who you have become. 

We are specifically speaking to Roger, for he has agreed to be an example. Each of you is a teacher in your own right, but again that can only occur when you love and accept yourself.

Roger was not pleased with his presentation yesterday due to his unwillingness to change. He attempted to explain to you in logical human terms what was occurring in your world while knowing not everyone would understand. That has been his way of holding back his ascension. You each have many of your own. 

You have had ideas of who you want to become. Or you saw what you wanted to manifest in your lives. You meant to do so at this time of your planetary ascension. 

We said today would be a good day because another energetic shift is occurring in your world, and the more of you who offer who you are and love who you have become will accelerate the ascension of all that is. 

No contribution is more meaningful than yours, but it can only be offered when you develop the courage to be who you are, and that has always been the purpose of our work. But today, we will have Roger change to be a further example for you to stop hiding your greatness. It exists within every soul, especially you. 


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