You are a gift to humankind

January 7, 2022

You are a gift to humankind. If you have yet to understand that fact, you have yet to discover your authentic self and do not understand the information we have provided you. 

You exist at an extraordinary time to cause the change you desire to see in your evolutionary journey and the restructuring of your world. You would not be alive otherwise. 

You will know what will arise within you once your world events trigger your life. That is occurring now. Roger did not understand why we advised him to do a presentation on this day and why we did not want him to sell you anything today, for your understanding will be more beneficial to you and your world.

Our message on this date in 2012 was not accidental, nor was your powerful full moon. You wanted illumination. You will finally understand why Roger adopted the name, Wilhelm. You each are meant to bring forth something within you to cause evolution, and your access to information that came before and references to specific names help you remember your worth and value. We wanted nothing more than for you to understand that worthiness within you.

January 7, 2012

There are times during your physical life experience when all you need to do is allow the results to be revealed to you. In other words, you go about your days creating, and then you observe the results of your work. During this observation period is where your most remarkable expansion occurs.

If you will, you must maintain a vantage point where you study what unfolds, and then you can better create new things based on the results you have already received. This could also be considered your moment of contemplation.

You would do well to seek to become comfortable with those periods and allow wisdom and knowledge to come to you.


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