The sky is not the limit

January 6, 2022

The sky is not the limit. We decided to begin with that phrase in a new way so you might open your consciousness a bit more and accept the responsibility you took to evolve so you would aid your planet in its ascension.

You each have a role to play, and it is within you. We have said we gave you everything you needed to know in 2012, but all of you, including Roger, needed help accepting that premise due to your ever-existing state of limited awareness.

Yes, we gave you a message on this date, but we also went further. We had Roger visit the film “The Cosmic Secret,” which you can find free, and many of you would do well to watch it as you will gain more understanding of why we had Roger hold his presentation tomorrow. 

Nothing is happening accidentally in your life or world, including the lunar movement this weekend, and some of you might have difficulty finding your footing. And it is only your willingness to accept your importance at this time of transition. You contribute by loving who you are, which has always been our intent. 

January 6, 2012

You continually underestimate the power of your imagination. Your imagination is where you experience, feel, and create everything physical. It may help you better understand how you create your personal reality when you think of your imagination. 

You believe that you are making up, so to speak, what you experience there. You do precisely the same thing in your waking, very conscious life experience; however, most times, you are not aware that is what you are up to.

The only particular rule, if you will, is that you cannot create anything in your imagination that is not for your highest good. This should help you remove your fear of using your imagination effectively.


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